[Can scallops nourish the kidney]_How to nourish the kidney_How to nourish the kidney

[Can scallops nourish the kidney]_How to nourish the kidney_How to nourish the kidney

Scallops are not only rich in nutrition, but also high in value. Scallops have more amino acids, which can supplement blood. There are many ways to cook scallops, which can be fried, soup, and rice porridge.Can kidney, so can scallops kidney?

Let ‘s take a look.


Can scallops nourish the kidney?
Scallops can nourish the kidney and is a good kidney tonic.


How to eat scallops kidney-scallop chestnut porridge 1.

Materials: Right amount of rice, right amount of black rice, right amount of scallops, 8 chestnuts, right amount of corn, 4 shiitake mushrooms, half carrot.


Method 01, the ingredients are ready, and the chestnuts are cut into diced.

02. Wash an appropriate amount of black rice and put an appropriate amount of water in the pot.

03, Carrots are also diced, Xiangru slices.

04, Wang Mi peeled, add an appropriate amount, I peeled 4 rows.

05, put these ingredients together in the pot and cook.


How to eat scallop tonic-scallop steamed jade tofu 1.

Materials: 3 jade tofu, 25 grams of scallops, 1 teaspoon of lard, 15 grams of rice wine, 2 tablespoons of water starch, and some wolfberry.


Method 01: After washing the scallops, add rice wine to prepare jade bean curd.

02, first steam the scallops in cold water for 20 minutes.

03. Cut the Yuzi Tofu into thicker slices and add it to the pot. The wolfberry is chopped with a knife.

04, steamed scallops are evenly added to tofu and steamed for 8 minutes.

05, prepare water starch.

06, the steaming process will steam out the delicious juice, pour the juice into the pot and add lard.

07. Turn off after adding water starch.

08, pour the hooked scallion juice into the basin and sprinkle with the pieces of wolfberry.


How to eat scallops-kidney yam scallop ribs soup 1.

Materials: 300g yam, 50g scallops, 200g ribs, appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of salt.


Method 01, clean the ribs and cut into small pieces.

02, clean the scallops and soak in warm water for about 30 minutes.

03, cut into small pieces after cleaning the yam.

04, put the ribs in the soup pot.

05, the high heat to boil into the skimming foam.

06, add scallops, boil over low heat and slowly simmer for about 30 minutes.

07, then add the yam, and cook on high heat until the yam is cooked.

08, out of the pan, set the bowl, serve, delicious yam scallop ribs soup to eat.